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BC.Game is one of the most diverse crash gambling sites on the web, and with more than 15 accepted cryptocurrencies, and the chance to score up to 1 BTC daily for free, this new crypto casino is climbing the ranks to take the titles as the crash gambling site with the best offers. To get the scoop on ways to win, check out The Bitcoin Strips BC Game review, where you can read about more then just crypto crash games. Once it crashes, a new round will begin. Players will be given a short moment to place their bets. This is where you have to guess at which multiplier it will crash. If it reaches that multiplier or above, you get your win. If bitcoin dice and faucet crashes before your multiplier, you lose. If you decide to place a bet on a high multiplier, you also have the option to exit manually at any time. Since each round is rather short, you really have to pay attention and decide when you will press that exit button if you8217;re betting on a higher multiplier.

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