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Social activism is an organized action with the intent of bringing about social change to any area of life. Activists may choose to be part of any number of civic or non-profit groups that have social causes that they are committed to. They work to promote awareness of those causes through organized protest actions, publicity stunts, and acts of civil disobedience. If you are passionate about a particular issue and are actively working towards a societal change, you may be considered an active social activist.There are many forms of social activism. There are religious social activists who are concerned with issues that are believed to be religious in nature, such as opposition to same sex marriage or abortion rights. Environmental activists are concerned about issues that are considered to be environmental in nature, such as global warming. There are political social activists, as well as ethnic, racial and other social activists.Activists engaged in social work are considered to be social workers. Their primary role is to promote social change by encouraging social action. They often work with children, providing education about the issues facing children, and working to improve public safety. Activist organizations may also advocate for causes that are seen as discriminatory, such as those that tackle issues of gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and race.Social activists can find ways to bring their ideas into the public light. They can do this by running for political office, getting involved in local politics, or becoming an organizer for a group or organization. One of the most successful activism efforts was that of the civil rights and social action group known as the Southern Christian Leadership Council. As the SCLC worked to promote the civil rights of blacks, Jews, and other minorities during the 1960s, they began to find ways to change public opinion.Many people today consider social action as vandalism. However, without the passion, energy, and commitment of social activists, many public policies would not have changed. Activism can help an individual get the skills they need to work in areas of diversity and influence policy makers. Activists learn excellent communication skills, build strong community organizing networks, and develop leadership skills that they can use to advance their causes. In order to be successful, an activist must take a leadership role. It is through this work that an activist can learn how to advocate for social change and find ways to change public opinion.Some people engage in social activism as part of a larger effort to support specific causes. These activists try to increase awareness about a given issue. For example, there are some who participate in large-scale protests in order to bring attention to environmental issues. Other smaller scale protests are organized around an issue, such as the fight against animal abuse. Some environmentalists also choose to stage small protests to bring attention to corporations that mistreat animals.Another type of social action that takes place are smaller scale movements. These types of social actions generally do not bring attention to particular issues, but instead aim to draw attention to social problems and societal problems. Some examples include animal rights, gay rights, or the fight for women's rights. Sometimes these protests are peaceful, while others involve physical confrontations. The goal of these smaller scale movements is to draw attention to issues that are not widely publicized.One of the most popular forms of social activism involves street protests. There are many different types of street protests, and they can vary in size and scope. Some protests are directed at individual corporations, while others are directed at larger corporations. magazine are designed to raise awareness of a social issue or to bring political issues to the forefront of media attention. The goals of these protests may be highly personal, and they may even be political in nature. Whatever the purpose of the protest, street protests are highly effective as they bring issues to the forefront and allow participants the opportunity to voice their opinions and participate in the public debate.

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