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"Integrity quotient? " What's the fact that?I believe the fact that my Sincerity Quotient is far more important as opposed to my intelligence quotient. In fact, intelligence division is based on a lot of standardized test that has smaller to do with living a important or advantageous life.However, my Ethics Quotient is because of how I address myself and more. That, in my opinion, is meaningful and worth it, as that may influence my own current lifestyle, my karma, and all several other lifetimes that we live.I recommend we look at a new meaning for the word IQ.IQ = Ethics Quotient.Honesty has to do with wholeness - whole body - how you feel inside your self. When we look and feel whole, we behave totally different to what would be the norm when we feel fractured, turned off, alienated, or lost and confused.Sincerity, to me, is definitely not about a handful of arbitrary meaningful code.It's about you and me feeling whole inside ourselves.Every time what we state and the things we do is in conjunction with our thoughts, we are creating integration -- wholeness -- inside themselves.To achieve this, we will need to take charge individuals feelings, own personal our thoughts, and take on 100% responsibility for what all of us feel and the things we do about what all of us feel.I'm not advocating having a fit because occur to be angry. I will be not talking about saying and doing mean things because you aren't receving your way. I'm also not likely talking about implementing fear seeing that an excuse designed for treating people with disrespect.Having a substantial integrity quotient comes from loving, respecting, and honoring your self and others. That come from a handful of external meaningful code.You have a high IQ - a superior "Integrity Quotient" - while you areLoving yourself without wisdom or limitation.Loving your self so much that you love the total world, also.Making promises out of like and dignity for others.Pursuing through over the commitments you choose.Making sure you communicate changes to all others included when you have to end or turn around a responsibility,Doing a task well simply because it concerns to you that you just did it well, not due to what another person will think that or mention or accept as true about you.Conversing your simple fact from your heart and soul - with kindness.Dealing with all others with respect.Accomplishing what is correctly, even if Difference Quotient have difficult.Doing what is best suited, even when nobody else searching for or paying attention. After you, you're looking and focusing, right?.

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