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From this lesson we will discuss ways to conjugate standard Spanish verbs in the preterite tense. The preterite tense is one of the earlier tenses for Spanish that is used to describe activities, experiences, events, or situations that happened in the past. The debate of this idea is not if you should use the preterite tense although how to correctly conjugate the preterie action-word tense.Let´s examine just how regular "ar" verbs are conjugated inside preterit tenses by using the verb "hablar" which means "to speak out. ""AR" Verbs (hablar)Yo habléTú hablasteÉl/ella/usted hablóNosotros/nosotras hablamosEllos/ellas/ustedes hablaronNow we will take a look at how regular "er" verbs are conjugated from the preterit tenses by using the verb "beber" this means "to take in. " In addition, the student from Spanish should also be aware that you will find another action-word in Spanish which also means "to have. " That verb is definitely "tomar. ""ER" Verbs (beber)Y yo bebíTú bebisteÉl/ella/usted bebióNosotros/nosotras bebimosEllos/ellas/ustedes bebieronLet´s now observe regular "ir" verbs happen to be conjugated from the preterit tenses by using the action-word "vivir" which suggests "to live. ""IR" Verbs PermanecerYo vivíTú vivisteÉl/ella/usted vivióNosotros/nosotras vivimosEllos/ellas/ustedes vivieronBefore stopping this course, let´s analyze a few and also the how Romance language verbs will be conjugated inside preterite tense. Conjugation of Spanish verb Repetir con Juan.Last night you went out with Juan.Antiguamente nosotros necesitamos un destornillador.Yesterday we needed a screwdriver.7 dias pasada ustedes comieron andosco dos veces y ternera una vez.Yesterday evening you folks ate lamb twice and veal when.Mi sobrino metió todas las hojas en la bolsa pl ástica.My personal nephew jammed the leaves in the clear plastic bag.Essa mañana algunas empleadas limpiaron el cuartos.This morning the employees cleaned the bed room.Anoche mi suegrita cubrió el bizcocho.Last night my personal mother-in-law coated the personal gift cake.

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