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In Elvenar you will discover yourself within a legendary fantasy world. This specific beautiful fantasy city builder lets a person decide to play as either elves or humans. Your process as being the ruler regarding the town will be to help your people prosper. Even though the mystic elves command word powerful magic, which shows in the two their creatures in addition to their buildings, humans exhibit a strong relationship to medieval tools.In the imagination video game Elvenar, nearly every building can be upgraded in addition to visually changed too many times to increase efficiency, becoming ever more beautiful along the way. The main hall, industrial facilities, workers huts, residentials and many additional buildings are ready to be better by your eager hands. Transform your small village in to an aspiring empire!Start exciting missions for the world chart, explore the places around your town and get uncommon relics to boost the production. And wear? t miss to study advanced technologies! More than 200 various improvements can get discovered and revealed in the on the internet city builder globe of Elvenar.elvenar fantasy game started your journey in a long-forgotten dream world with some sort of small town, beginning either as effective magical elves or medieval, warlike humans. Explore the planet map on this awesome online game to uncover rare relics that will help you to be able to grow your city faster!

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