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Aurora and I sat in my car outside of the adult theater. It was around 2pm and the parking lot had more cars in it this time. She wasn't talking much and I could tell she was nervous. The last time we came here, a lot of stuff had happened that she wasn't ready for. This time we both had a better idea of what to expect. We did some shot's before we left and she had taken a pill “to take the edge off.”, she said.She was wearing a gray pleated skirt and a white short sleeved button-up blouse. She looked cute. It fit well. Not too tight, and hinted at her amazing body underneath. I figured she would feel more comfortable wearing more clothing than the last time. I did make sure the top few buttons were undone, exposing her cleavage.“Give me your bra.” I said, not yet satisfied with the amount of skin she was showing. She deftly removed it without taking off her shirt, having done this many times before. She had already taken her panties off on the drive over and they were laying in the back seat.“You look much better now.”, I said. Stopping myself from taking her tits out in the parking lot. “Are you ready?”, I asked her. She only nodded.I had parked near the entrance to the old theater and away from her dads car, she hadn't noticed it when we pulled in, otherwise she'd never have gone in. His green station wagon was in the back, away from the road. I counted about seven or eight other cars scattered around the gravel parking-lot. The theater was very old and run down, but I'm sure it looked great when it was first built around 100 years ago.Taking her by the arm, I led her in. I was a good feeling to be back, and I was excited to see what was going to happen. It was like entering a different world. The front lobby had been turned into a video rental area. I immediately looked around to see if her dad was here, but only saw a couple guys walking around. We took our time and wandered around for a bit. Aurora followed me around the shop, as we walked past the other customers. I stopped at the gang-bang section for a while, showing her the backs of the cases. I made a few bad jokes, trying to ease the tension.Walking away from Aurora and over to a section of amateur porn, she followed quickly behind me. I was looking through some of the titles and handed her one called “My Daughter's Secret“. A couple guys who had been milling around moved into our isle now.“What do you think your dad would think of your secret? I bet he would like it.” I said, making fun of his browsing habits. She knew he had a Daddy/daughter fetish. I was looking something up on their computer and it auto-filled with some porn. Sure enough, after checking out the history, I ran across lots of stories about girls and their fathers, along with a few other sites he visited. She had run across them also some time ago.“Should we buy it for him?”, I asked. No response. She did not find his fetish as interesting as I did.I put the movie away as one of the guys walked down our isle, brushing past us. He stopped and looked at some DVD's a few feet away. I reached around her and undid another button on her blouse. Her top opened up reveling a lot of skin.The guy standing next to us was staring at her now. He was an average middle aged guy, bald with glasses. I got the feeling most of the people here where twice our age. The other guy looked much older and had a large beer belly. He had made his way closer and was trying to get a better view. I took her to the toy section as she tried to keep her shirt closed discreetly. Looking around the toy section for a while, the guys had made there was in our isle again.“Maybe you can ask one of them to buy it for you? I bet if you walked up like this, they'd be more than happy to.” I joked, looking at her tits. I could see her bellybutton from this angel. Just about any movement would cause her shirt to open in even more lascivious ways. I waited until a couple of the men came near us, giving them another look.“Let's go see a movie.”, I said, and led her to the counter.The guy behind it was the same gray haired old man from out first visit, and he seemed to remember us. He didn't ask for I.D. this time either. That made me feel a bit more comfortable, considering what we had done on our previous visit. He gave us a smile as we walked.“You look great tonight. I love that top.”, he told her, handing me my change. Her hard nipples were the only thing stopping her shirt from opening up completely now. Aurora blushed and gave him a quick “Thanks.”.We went through the door, into the theater. The sounds of a girl getting fucked filled the room. The place was mostly lit by the screen, so it took a while for our eyes to adjust. I could hear the creak of seats as people turning to look at us. Scanning the patrons quickly I looked for Aurora's dad. I knew her dad was in here somewhere, but didn't see him.I figured that he came to this place when I went through his browser history. This places social media page was visited more then a few times. He was also known to disappear in the afternoon and come back drunk. Her mom and dad argued about his drinking often.The more I looked into adult theaters, the more turned on I got. Finding new ways of exposing Aurora in public was always fun. We had fooled around in regular theater for a long time. First it was kissing and groping. That turned into blowjobs while stripping her almost nude, as long as it wasn't too busy. It was a dream come true to find a theater that didn't mind if we played around. As far as I was concerned, if her dad didn't like it, he could leave. If he didn't, he could see what a slut his daughter was.This time I saw his car. I knew he was around somewhere. Guys were scattered around the seats, but the place was so big and dark to see him yet. I didn't want Aurora to see him either. She'd freak out for sure. Worse case scenario is they see each other and we all act surprised and leave. Then no one talks about it every again. It may take a while, but I would be able to convince her to come back again someday.We made our way down the right hand isle with Aurora close behind. This was near where we sat last time. I had noticed that this area had some missing seats. It was an old and run-down theater, so I just assumed they had broken and been removed.I sat us toward the middle of the isle with my seat nearest the wall. The two seats in front of us where missing, most of the guys were standing up and moving in our direction. That's when I noticed a large man standing up at the front of the theater. He started to make his way over, and I recognized the walk.All of the seats around us had been taken. Aurora squeezed next to me, and I put my arm around her pulling her closer. I was sure it was her dad now and was afraid she'd see him, so I pushed her head into my lap, panicking a bit. After a few seconds I could feel her unzipping my pants and pulling at my belt. Her dad must have recognized me because he came to a dead stop only a few rows away.Most of the men around us pulled out their dicks once her head started bobbing up and down. Some stood up for a better view, and one guy moved to the empty seat next to her. The guys behind me where leaning over watching. Aurora's dad just stood there, not moving. There was no stopping this now, I thought to myself. I put my hand on the back of her head, letting my dick get hard in her warm mouth. He must have assumed it was her by now.“Pull your hair back.” I told Aurora, wanting everyone to get a good view. She has thick, light brown hair that was covering her face. She sat up and took a hair-tie from her wrist. As she pulled it back into a ponytail, causing her shirt opened. The guys started to murmur. Not only is she beautiful, but her pale breasts and pink nipples are amazing. Her dad watched on, standing in the middle of the isle, eyes fixed on his little girls tits. She leaned over and started to blow me again.Her dad moved into a row not far away and stood their watching. He seemed to have a good view of Aurora bending over her seat. I'm sure he could see her head bobbing up and down. That's when I noticed the guy sitting next to her was rubbing her back, slipping his hand under her shirt. Her skirt had ridden up her thigh and was just covering her ass. When I didn't stop him, he started pulling at her skirt. Aurora moved her butt as he pulled it out from under her. I knew she didn't have panties on so he was in for a surprise.“Good girl.”, I told her reassuringly.The other guys started to touch her, and everyone was standing up, crowded around us. Anyone who could reach was trying. A couple of the guys worked together to hold her skirt up as three sets of hands where trying to find a way to her pussy. The guys in front where reaching over their seats grabbing at her tits.“Spread your legs”, I told her. She hesitantly obeyed. Slowly she spread, and fingers started to probe her deeply. I was getting close to cumming now, but I held off. Pulling her off my cock, but not letting her sit up.One of the guys in front of her figured out how to unbutton her shirt the rest of the way and was rubbing her tits. Someone else was kneeling on the floor in front her, kissing, and licking her legs, working his way up.It had been a while since I'd seen Aurora's dad, as the crowed was thick. Grabbing her ponytail I pulled her head up and everyone back away for a bit. She seemed to be a lot more relaxed now as I had her sit back in her chair. I could tell the pill had started to take effect. That was good, even I was feeling a little claustrophobic now. Her blouse was wide open as she sat back, giving the crowd their first unobstructed view of her tits. Her hairless pussy was also exposed for the first time. Everyone was properly amazed. She was a full C cup and they stood firm on her chest. There were hands all over them again, even a few mouths got to suck her nipples.The guy on the floor was directly between her legs kissing her inner thigh. I pulled her right leg over mine, forcing her to spread wide, and slide down in her seat a little. Her bare pussy opened. He quickly shoved his tongue into her. I noticed that the zipper on the side of her skirt was almost undone, so I unzipped it the rest of the way, letting it fall open. Aurora's eyes were closed and her head was back as the guys behind her where rubbing their dicks in her face, trying to get her to suck them.“You can cum on her” I said loudly, wanting everyone to hear. One of the guys in front steps up and within a minute, shot his load on her tits and belly. Moments later a guy behind tilted her head back and came on the side of her face. Coating her face in a thick layer.“Lick your lips.” I told her, looking at the jizz running down her face.She opened her mouth and licked a glob of cum off her lips, as another guy standing next to her unloaded also. There was always someone ready to take any open spot. A new guy took the seat next to her, pulling her hand and placing it on his dick. He held her small hand on his dick and started to jack off with it. Her hand looked comically small wrapped around his thick cock. Within a few minutes he was cumming also.Aurora was slipping down in her seat. Her ass hanging off the end as the guy on the floor pulled her towards his mouth. She would occasionally wipe cum off herself, but mostly just lay back and let everyone have their way.The guy on the floor looked to be eating her ass now. Aurora gave a moan of pleasure, as he went deeper. That was when I saw her dad again. He was only a couple of seats away, in our aisle. I was shocked to see him so close. He was leaning forward but didn't look at me, keeping his eyes on his daughter. The beer bellied guy from the lobby was now standing beside her, jacked off while grabbing her tits, smearing the cum over them. He leaned over her seat, trying to cum on her face but it landing on her chest and neck. As he moved away, Auroras dad was intently looking at her pussy. The guy on the floor stopped eating her out and was now on his knees jacking off. His dick pointed directly at her spread lips, inches away. He was getting closer and closer with every stroke until it was touching. I saw the head of his dick run across her spread cunt. Auroras eyes were closed again, and I wondered if she would notice or care if he shoved it in. Just then he started to cum. We watched as it splashed across her open lips. He came hard and long, making a mess of her pussy. Running the head of his cock up and down her slit and clit.The guy on the floor slowly stood up and was replaced by the man from behind the counter. He pulled his dick out and stood between her spread legs.“Are you having a good time?”, he said, smiling as he held his cock out towards her.“Sit up.” I told her, helping her up while pulling her shirt off. I pushed my naked girlfriend towards him. She was moving slowly, and I could tell she was stoned.“Good girl. I want to feel that mouth of yours” he said, putting one hand on the back of her head, as she took him in her mouth. “Oh. That feels so good.” He was very talkative.The guy sitting next to Aurora got up and left, passing her dad who was openly masturbating, looking at his daughter. Her dad had moved over to take the empty seat. The sound of his heavy breathing was also noticeable as he sat down. He was a big guy, very out of shape. I started to get worried he was going to have a heart attack. He slowly moved his hand over the armrest, getting closer to touching her. He ran his fingers across her naked back, gently caressing her as she gave the stranger a blowjob.“You're so sexy.”, the counter guy told Aurora, caressing her face, then reaching down to grab one of her tits. “Keep doing that and I'm going to cum.” he added with a grunt.I was slowly jacking off, taking everything in. Then I saw her father's hand had moved off her back and onto her thigh. I was amazed! He was going to do it! He was going to finger his own daughter! He carefully reached between her legs, and found his daughters pussy, dripping in cum. Reaching deeper between her legs, and I knew he was in her. His fingers where wet with other men's cum, and he shoved them in and out of her. He gave up on masturbating himself and was using both hands now. Fingering her and touching her in ways he'd only dreamed about.A few minutes later, the guy getting the blowjob announced he was going to cum, and Aurora kept sucking. He fucked her face quickly and she did her best to swallow. When she couldn't take any more, he pulled out and unloaded the rest of it on her face, keeping one hand on her head.Her dad was still fingering her as she cleaned off the last of the cum. Her father gently pulled her towards him. Putting his hand on the back of her neck, he pulled her towards his lap and she let him. Leaning forward I watched as she took hold of his cock and guided it into her mouth. He looked overwhelmed at first. Unable to move as she sucked his cock. He slowly he reached over caressed her naked body as she worked his shaft.Everyone unknowingly watched as she sucked off her dad, trying to make him to cum in her mouth. He wasn't going to last long.He was very loud, grunting and breathing hard. Letting out muffled profanity under his breath. He held off as long as he could. He called her his princess, and then started to cum without warning. Aurora held him in as he came, swallowing his load, as spasms passed over him. A little bit of his cum started running out of her wet lips and down his cock, but she managed to not make a mess. He held her head as she cleaned off his cock.I quickly got up and stood in front of her, pulling her towards me. Making sure she didn't notice she just gave her father a blowjob.“Are you having fun?”, I asked.She looked up at me through half open eyes and nodded. Her dad's cum was thick on her lips as she licked them clean. He got up and stumbled away, holding onto the chairs for support.“Stand up. Bend over.”, I told her, helping her to her feet. She turned and put her hand on the backrest. I stepped behind and slid my cock into her very lubricated pussy. Other hands started rubbing her hanging tits, and occasionally I'd feel a hand touch her pussy, but none of that mattered now. Knowing what she had just done was too much. I came hard, emptying my load in her. I slowly pulled out, watching my cum leak out as I stepped back.I stood her up. “Stay”, I said as she waited for me to find her skirt and blouse. I left her on display taking my time getting everything together. Her dad was up the aisle from us, still watching her.The guys were grumbling when I told them it was time to go, but it quickly turned to thanks, and asking us to come back. I wrapped her skirt around her waist, zipping it up. When I put her shirt back on and buttoned it up, it was like someone had let the air out of the room. The fun over and they started to walk away.Her clothes were covered in cum as I led her down up the isle. Passing her dad, she didn't seem to notice him. We exited the dark theater, into the bright lights of the lobby. As we walked past the guy behind the counter, he said thanks, and let us know he was the owner. Looking forward to us coming back.We got to the car and I realized we'd been there for a lot longer than I thought. “Lie back in your seat and rest.”, I told her, as I slid my hand between her cum covered thighs. I had just enough time to get her to my place for a quick fuck, and then drop her off at her parents house for dinner.

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