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Downbeat Telecaster • Stretched an octave decrease, sounds become nearly glacial. This is the sound that human statues dance to. This is the sound of mountains thinking, and each interposing fraction of modernity merely serves to emphasize how vast the universe is & how distant we all appear. It is merely a seeming, though, as a result of we're all linked on the speed of electricity.Rainy Traffic • You're on the street late at night time, automobiles steadily passing by as the storm begins to roll in. Take a deep breath, chill out, and let the gentle noise wash away all of your issues. Toys, • Lie back on the gentle mossy floor and search for into the branches of the Sunspire tree. Iridescent blue shimmers and rainbow lights dart throughout the bark and up into the branches.Sea Redux • A remastered take a look at "On the Deck", which unnecessary sounds removed and extra stems added. Black Ice Tundra • You are in a magical place where the Ice of the Tundra absorbs gentle, At evening a Structure disperses light, Giving out a harmonic noise.With the altering lights and the sound of the occasional passing automobile as your companions, you end up at peace within the midst of what is going to be chaos only hours from now. (Feel free to turn down the Twin Black Lodges slider when you'd prefer a non-musical expertise). Rpg Tavern • Your weary band of adventurers enters the Blackbird's Respite, a preferred tavern. Plushies, roaring hearth within the corner provides welcome warmth, and the friendly sounds of human life reach your ears. Both you and your dragon may fall asleep on the closest roost. As its wing covers you want a blanket, you hear the sluggish heartbeat and breathing of a big dragon and the magical hum of its firepouch. Warm, secure, and pleased, you drift off to sleep.Breezes stir the delicate sunspire blossoms and so they chime with the voices of angels. Listen to the music of eternity as the tree's roots weave beneath you. Nyc Summer Day • It's a beautiful summer season day, and town streets are vigorous. Set the animation to "fast" but "delicate," for the most sensible expertise!Reactor • In honor of the thirty third anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Take a walk within the shoes of those that have been there on that fateful night time. Strange Limbo • While your soul travels via the house between the life that simply ended and your next life, something goes wrong and you remain stuck in a strange limbo.You hear sounds from the place you came from, sounds from your future life and sounds that come from beyond life, from the depth of the ethereal void between lives. Peace Of Mind • Soothing sounds to ease your soul. Portico • Waiting within the portico for the rain to finish. Bells are ringing outdoors, but inside you possibly can hear singing.You wish to go in and listen, however staying the place you are mixes pleasure and thriller. Dew Drops Dreams • Millions of oval jewels made out of liquid crystal shimmer in the daylight. Although softly shaken by the wind, they do not drop.

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